Australia Energy Crisis

Know: government = governments, throughout this article

Australia’ Energy Sector a National Disaster

Australia Energy - or better - One of Australia’s biggest fraudulent sellouts brought onto Australia’s society.

What is a multi billion dollar profit revenue making machine for a few energy industry magnates, represents a living nightmare for millions of Australian families.

Spend the win liberally, share the losses socially. It’s a fair split, isn’t it.

Following are some really interesting data released by none less than the office of the Chief Economist. According to our chief economist, during the last 2 years, Australia had produced AUD b150⁄year worth of energy. Are you still with me?

From that AUD b150, Australian consumption accounts to about AUD b50 and Australian export value lays around the AUD b24 mark. If my maths still works just half as good as it did half a century ago, that’d means; half of the value of Australia’s homegrown energy consumption was exported. Uhm, if my maths worked so far, can I safely say that the +⁄- other half of Australia’s energy production had gone missing, somehow, to whom-some-where?

These aren’t just my numbers. These numbers are freely accessible on the internet, provided by government and⁄or their close buddies. Let’s hope they won’t take them off, now that I spilled some hot oil over them. Screen shots. (was a good invention)

That isn’t but only interesting since it’s also quite entertaining. Agreed, I am no “chief economist” but I use common sense (something which is no longer in broad use since we can now make academic, highly professional idiotic decisions, fully licensed by the Australian government, too). Common sense but tells me, somebody, without pointing fingers, somebody had dropped a very foul stink bomb with this report. Simple common sense also wonders why Australia produces such a large surplus on energy? Someone clearly must’ve had other ideas in mind;

Who on earth would produce 3 times the quantity of your own consumption needs, without sales contracts in hand? Who? Obviously, Australia’s brainy CEOs as well as their history records book readers, advisors, production estimators, etc., may have, somehow, missed to communicate. Another reason perhaps, could suggest a complete different agenda behind this maths maze, such as driving local market prices up, and further up!

We can safely lead many inquiries into this utmost foul smelling Australian energy crisis, but for now, we shall leave this for another issue address.

So here we go, Australia overproduces energy by a staggering +⁄- 200%, while energy bills for Australian household are still rising. A devastating fiasco created by our ludicrous, power hungry, self-enriching politicians and their corporate patsy teams.

Without and questions, Australia’s highly decorated academics will surely have highly academically professional, rhetorically solid answers already prepared to that, hoping that the mass had been down-dumbed far enough to buy their political, cancerous fairy tales.

This leads us straight to the core of another Australian energy sector cancer; energy production sources.

Australia is host to some of the world’s largest coal mines and just recently, Australia’s most qualified brain and all time natural environment saviour, environment minister Greg Hunt (as of time of this writing), gave his blessing for Australia’s latest, fully legalised corporate crime project on Australia’s society. I’d personally interested on finding out, how hard this high profile was kicked back for sending us to the butchers, again. After all our previous Australian sellouts, now we still need to increase the rape force on our environment and still lift the already devastating energy disaster level.

Doubtlessly there is a lot of foreign investment flooding in, burying government and large scale industry moguls desks and leaving them with a very difficult task to solve. Either of the two, Australia’s left as well as right wing extremist political camps, together with their loaded party-trailers, keep focus on selling Australia out, leaving its citizens with little next to nothing. Australia’s economic destroyer flagship at full sail. In plain English, plunder.

To best assert our sellout by our government(s), to intensify their disregard; disrespect and dishonouring of any voice from the people, Australia’s largest Adani coal mining project provides the best support in pointing out Australia’s, politically supported, corporate rape on our country.

Australian abuse of natural resources, corporate greed, mis-management, privatisation of National Assets - all make up Australia’s Energy Crisis!

I will cut on each of them in detail and in a separate address.

Not only are our politicians 100% incompetent in making educated decisions for the good of the country, but by pressing ahead with their selfish, irresponsible and environmental damaging decisions, our politicians are scrupulously willing to add further hardship to its people. All in exchange for and in favour of growing and fostering corporate greed.

A clear, utmost arrogant and irresponsible, reckless and selfish act of disrespect and discriminating of a nation’s entire population. An utmost despicable self-act by our power-ruling politicians and their government(s).

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To add more disaster to this, one need to know that our constitution holds Zero accountability for our politicians to be questioned and charged for acting in misconduct. Leadership is never in question, since power rules.

Australia is deeply, and beyond recovery, split into 2 main groups, let alone the different races its secondary group consits of; [a] governments and corporates, and [b] scum, low-life commoners (to address our politician’ crimes on the society with adequate respect).

It is a clean cut to the Australian society’ throat.

That said, people won’t let go that easy; “Where, or who to, is all that overproduced energy flowing off to?” Also, over a trillion of dollars worth of investment for a single new coal mine, what is the cut for Australian people? What are the benefits Australian people will see, apart from, most ironically, further rising electricity bills, rising livelihood struggles, rising tax bills, more levies, etc.? The hardship contributor list continues to raise at an alarming speed.

My dear fellow Australian politicians, you have clearly elevated, and may proclaim yourselves to; Australia’s most dangerous criminal politicians of all times.

So much to Coal, one of the most hazardous, most environmentally damaging and large scale contributor to greenhouse gases and global emissions. On another page, Australia is also still host to a few other resources on (possible) energy production; oil, natural gas and yes, thorium. I will cut on those when addressing Australian politicians’ crimes on national assets.

As a closing statement; In Australia, fossil fuel energy production from coal alone, still covers about 2⁄3 of its total energy production. Reason for that is clear on hand and confirms the political protection of corporate greed, fraud and the abuse of powers due to literally unconditional powers granted to the government through our pathetic constitution. Oh, yes, add an extra large portion of foul smell to it, too.

Moving on to renewables and while they may sure offer being a mid-term alternative to fossil fuel energy production, they still entail a heavy footprint. Hence, renewables aren’t really that clean as what they are being sold to us. Add to this the many lies wrapped around renewables (production) together with more lack in professional management, planning and execution, Australia’s energy tribulation only unfolds itself more rapidly, adding to the already endless energy riddle.

Let alone the fact that the Australian government’s budget on renewables development is very thin and cannot hold in value when compared with its interests in fossil fuel energy production. Therefore, little growth in renewables production, as well as further research and development on it can be expected, without more private investment, which again, will see more corporate interests covered than anything else. With that, let us all remember, for something Australia could well stand a leading example for providing;

Free Energy For All Australian Households!

Despite the many efforts stemming from countless alternative energy research enthusiasts, the ruling industry moguls will keep a firm pressure on our politicians not to let go and thus, guarantee personal and corporate financial gains will always be set afore national gains, speak, benefits reaching the public.

To wrap up Australia’s energy disaster in Australia, the answer to this ongoing political energy dilemma is as clear as purified water; Sellout of national resources without national gains in return. Emphasis is given here to National Gains.

The opposite to this? A government, which truly and with integrity represents its people as a whole, will build an economically strong growing, socially stable and modern country, speak a country in which all of its citizens enjoy equal respect and privileges. Under such a modern leadership,

Energy will be provided free to all its citizens.

Unless Australia’s population realises, it’s the people themselves who need to stand up and against Australia’s energy emperors, against their personal and investors’ selfish financial gains interests, but most and foremost stand up against their plundering, country raping politicians, either inside or outside the government, until then, our politicians will continue to place corporate greed before any environmental and socially universal benefits.

To put this in plain English, it doesn’t really matter who holds the ruling sceptre. The left, corporate greed driven Libs as well as the right, stupid and misunderstanding economics union people saviours, both of them are equally incompetent to lead and need to be disqualified from politics.

Without going further into details, one impulse must be expressed with utmost explicit. Australians cannot, and mustn’t any longer accept it’s government’s ongoing industrial rape of the country as well as its people. We, the people, can no longer accept to be discriminated as “their scum commoners.” The government has failed to comply with its obligations to serve the people. Instead, the government uses and grows its power-mechanism to suppress the common people while lobbying industry magnates.

United in strength and beliefs, we the people, are the only ones with power and who can bring about the positive change we all deserve.

Only a complete constitutional reform, transforming Australia into a Republic, while replacing it’s archaic royal powerful ruling mechanism with an intelligible, transparent and integrity driven people representing leadership can, and will, see Australia as a leading; prosperous, economically strong and socially stable nation.

Thank you!

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Norbert Harms

Writer, EMILE, People4People Activist

Norbert is an advocate of social equality, fair justice for all, and governing without politics.