Roadmap to Australian Liberty

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Dec 9, 2017 - Dec 9, 2017

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14:00 - 18:00

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Federation Mall (Greens),
Capital Hill, ACT


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Category: Politics
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Enough is Now!

image for: Australian's stand united

This is the result of utmost incompetent leadership + suppression of human rights and liberty!

Australia's government calls it a necessity to secure public order and peace (every ruler/tyrant does the same)

Enough is Now

Australians need to act now, while they still have - limited - options to do so. Otherwise, in less than a decade, Australians will find themselves vegetating in social ghettoes, circled by riot squades to ensure people don’t step out. Human rights and liberties will be lost and once gone, never return!

Absolute political & constitutional reform is needed Now with a new political system coming into place which will not work against common people, but For All Australians!