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The Eclipse

Know: government = governments, throughout this article

The encroaching end of the German Nazi regime and its leader Adolf Hitler was nearly identical reproduced in the film entitled "Der Untergang". (the downfall), a multi award winning film which had brought the nearing end of Germany’s NSDAP, it’s GESTAPO and SS, one of West Europe’s most brutally ruling dictator regime, to the screens around the world.

I dedicated this chronicle series to this film because it will allow you to learn to understand how easy it is for history to repeat itself, with the never-ending help from mankind, of course. And yet, even in our modern; technological most advanced and self-proclaiming so called "democratic" worlds of the 21st century, the glorious spirits of the German Nazi endeavours, keep striving. This time, however, outside Germany and under different camouflage. Hence, the title of this chronicle:

The Eclipse

How do I come about, to link this chronicle to such an abominable, unconscionable event, a dictatorship that was driven by such unscrupulous, ghoulishly loathing hatred behaviours? How dare I to say, such dark history repeats itself, today, and within our own, close circles?

The answer is rather a humble

Because our time carries and cultivates the very same seeds. Only, today we are much smarter, broader educated and more sophisticated equipped to steer and control, disguise and use psychological resources to redirect enemy minds under the camouflage of our power-driven control so we can achieve our goals, unrestricted, "democratic" and with ease. Peaceful, democratically won consent from our citizens. Who could possibly find any reason to query our democratic legitimacy?

Of course there may be some, here or there, who dare to rise against, but with the help of lawfully crafted "manmade" laws, our leaders will be able to quickly suppress such trivial attempts and have people back under politically motivated control, in no time.

What was an act of brutally exercising power and violent indoctrination in the 1920s and 1930s, is today a democratic, psychological silencer. And silencers are being installed today on every corner, every day. However, most of these silencer installations will be able to skilfully dodge our attention. There are reasons for that, and if you're willing to read deeper into this chronicle you’ll surely comprehend their rationale by yourself.

In order for our government to survive and assert its their political power structure, those rationales are a must and need to remain untouchable of possible justification challenges. But why should a government, whose very core role is to serve its people, follow such dark paths? One might ask oneself.

The answer to this is simple, too: Accusations that any government may follow a "dark path" are simply wrong and defaming. Stop.

With that, the camouflage of our false democracies is working with high efficiency to conceal the exact same urge which guided the majestic, exemplary political leader Hitler; Power and Control! And it is this infinite thirst, which in the Genesis Theorem has the attaining of a sexual climax rather appear as a sensational hoax, that longs to satisfy one’s avarice for control, which but can only be achieved if one holds the power over control.

To better understand, we need to travel back in history

and meet Germany’s last ruling monarch, Kaiser Wilhelm II. During WW I and through ways of demonstrating a strong, unstoppable and cowed military dictatorship, Kaiser Willhelm’ supreme Generals Hindenburg and Ludendorff tried to cover and make up for the Kaiser’s rather blunt strategic and tactical capabilities.

Despite all efforts, however, and with the war turning bloodier and deadlier by the day, nothing could stop a push for the November Revolution of 1918 which lastly sealed the end of the monarchy and the proclamation of the Weimar Republic. Kaiser Wilhelm II was forced to abdicate and fled into exile in the Netherlands. Measured on a human casualty scale, the end of this war was marked by a humongous bloodshed which would reach into the 10 millions.

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Germany’s political infrastructure was a mess, haunted by hyperinflation and countless coup attempts, the German colonial economy shattered by the rapacious peace of Versailles. Germany’s overseas property was placed into the greedy, outstretched hands of foreign heirs, the folk tormented by hunger, homelessness, death. Without a doubt, the newly formed Weimar Republic struggled to exert and affirm its political powers. Irrespective of a short, relatively relaxed mid twenties, with the world economic crisis striking towards the end of 1929, the fragile and bewildered political system sunk deeper and deeper.

All these unfortunate processes worked in favour to present itself as the opportunity for one man;

Hitler, and his rising star the National Socialists.

Adolf was sound on his way to become the Germans’ saviour, the god-sent man who provided work, food and shelter, medical and social care and order and peace handed back to Germany. A new, promising life for the millions of Germans who just barely survived, arrived ashore. The effects of such brain booty and its sequelae during such flabbergasting, brain-numbing moments, can hardly be used to blame the people for what should follow in the days laying ahead.

Yet, Hitler’s still forthcoming, worst tactic of brain-rape, matured fast to strike the heart of his people, soon: Hitler’s predilection for Germany’s Youth. Nobody but himself understood and planned this better. While it is more difficult to reshape and redirect old minds, young; hungry and innocent minds would take little efforts. Hitler, the 3rd Reich candyman of the 1930s was set to march freely and unstoppable through the masses like a huge magnet, sucking in each and every soul and from very young age.

Just when you thought

In fact but, images like this have prevailed till today’s modern history and are clearly recognisable on many places around our blue planet. Latest proof, the ousting of Thailand’s prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra in 2014 under full force of a royal military coup, signed and endorsed by none less than Thailand’s late monarch Bhumibol Adulyadej, King Rama IX himself. Restoring peace, harmony, love, care, and protecting the folk, from speaking up. Pure royal, democratic activity. Who could ever disagree?

King Bhumibol also remains (but only among suppressed, silenced and threatened critics, hence only a few) to be one of the most, perhaps even The most controversial monarch with a dark, bloody history resting on his shoulder. Forever unresolved, after having taking with him to rest the dark chapter that surrounded him and which only he could have told the truth about.

What happens behind "power curtains", no commoner will ever get to see or know. Tabu and protected by the world’s most aggressive, most brutal Lèse-majesté law in the modern age of 2018, nobody is even allowed to talk about. Looked at from the front, a loving, caring and modern King, trying to paint a harmonious, democratic, constitutional kingdom, but so cool-blooded and deceptive when looked at from the back, however, that one might start puking oneself at his sight.

From the many remaining, and with the exception of some European constitutional monarchies, most are still following the same route: desperately arouse themselves to an orgasm over the dream to restoring the heydays of absolute powers. Australia, no stranger in this efforts and proudly counting itself a member of this pathetic, world-encompassing royal league club for protecting medieval customs, takes on a leading role here.

So, what is the difference between Hitler’s National Socialists League Club and - for the purpose of creating this chronicle - let’s stay here in Australia, our proudly hedged and "royal cultivated" constitutional monarchy, and its repercussions?

Phrases, Strategies, Tactics, psst, that’s it.

The Game Of - Psychology

To really grasp, you need to dig deeper, dig into the psychology of "their" aim. What was Hitler’s aim? Power! The creation of a thousand years lasting, German Third Reich. An aspiring move, considering that the first two German Reich went down within less than 2 decades, the first with forcing Kaiser Wilhelm II into exile in 1918 and the second with the "Sturz der Weimar Republic" (The fall of the Weimar Republic), in 1933.

What was Hitler’s tactic?

Preying on the weak, and lastly - striking, with full force.

How exactly does this compare with and translate into our political environment here in Australia?

Keep in mind, you need to apply an Open Mind. This is not an easy task, I know, specifically if you feel safe, relatively comfortable and happy. Right? What could possibly be wrong with that? Uh, there is our first silencer, right there in front of you.

Open your mind I said, remember? I just shared some left alone history with you, didn’t I? Not here, but far back into that history, that is where you need open your mind. To increase your challenge I kept one critical element to myself. On purpose, yes. Because I wanted you to realise that element for yourself. It’s not that easy to look beyond facades without an open mind, isn’t it?

Anyhow, I won’t torture your mind much longer. It can be quite an act of defiance, I know. For the sake of giving you a fair chance to catch up, here it is: "Circumstances".

What presented itself to Hitler as perfect, natural circumstances, is for our politicians today the "manufacture" of perfect circumstances.

to read the next chapters of this chronicle "The Eclipse".

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Norbert Harms

Writer, EMILE, People4People Activist

Norbert is an advocate of social equality, fair justice for all, and governing without politics.