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Aussie made
Australian Fake Democracy

May 2019, Australia's leading criminals and their syndicates are fighting for the ruling power, again.

And what will the brave, down-dumbed "proud to be Australian" Australians do? Of course obey - One of the hundreds of thousands laws, one that took Australians's very only right, the right to vote, away and turned it into, Yes, you guessed this right, into another Australian Law which now is no longer your right to vote but your Duty to vote and by not voting, Australia's rulers under the protected crown have all the rights to Punish you.

Australia's Pathetic Ruling Hysteria

Of course, they (our rulers) say that;

To vote is in our own interests and our democratic duty to act democratic by casting our vote.

That "would" be all good if we would live under a democracy, as they try to sell us for but, what and who are we really voting for? Le't take a brief look at Australia's Leadership

This time, fellow Australians, don't walk down to the ballots. I urge you to boycott this elections and stand united in demanding our rulers to abdicate and call for an absolute reform, instead!

Why? just read on, if you really care for more than just yourself.


No, I won't keep this article on a "nice and polite talk" level. You get enough of this fake nice attitude out there, every day, on any corner. With this article I go straight to push your hot-buttons, even though it will scratch some of your egos. You, my dear fellow Australian, you either look the truth in its eyes and wake up and learn to stand up together for the greater good, which means not only to serve your own taste, or you stay dead. Simple as that.

With that, I also challenge you to come forward with one single act of a democratic move by Any of our politicians that could prove a functional democracy. Give it a shot, c'mon. So far, Australia's rulers are doing just fine feeding the barking dogs with little pieces of rotten meet. Let's elaborate on that, briefly.

The other day I was walking past a yelling small crowd, waving at me their support signs for voting the Labor Crime Ring into powers, again. When asking them; 'Why', they all yelled out: "Because under Labor, the toll on the M4 (Sydney region) will be abolished. There you have it. A small selfish group fighting for their personal interests to be satisfied. As long as that will happen, who gives a damn about the rest of Australia.

With such a barking, self-serving attitude, You, my dear brain-washed Australians, you truly deserve to be pulled down the drain. Sadly but, this small-mindedness has become an Australian trademark. You come across it a hundred times, every day, at any place within Australia, even in Australia's rural Hinterland.

That said, with such an overall common self-serving attitude among Australia's society, who can ever blame our politicians for acting like a monarch; power hungry and suppressing, not serving Australia but busy preserving their powers!?

Australia's system is rotten to death

Then how, if anyone could find any interested in knowing, could it be that Australia is known for being a democratic country?

Let's answer this with a question; How do You interpret democracy?

Join the ANA Reform Movement

Let's start with our constitution. This piece of paper is 100% undemocratic, just to start with. All it does is; outline the powerhouse structure and how to preserve this powerhouse so it will be almost impossible to question Anything. In support of that, our politicians enjoy:

  • Zero [as in 0] accountability
  • Good Will law making
  • System backed immunity for their political crimes on humanity

Hitler enjoyed the same privileges only, he was less faking but outright straight with his ideas.

if you can, but only 'If', lay your personal little sorrows and complaints aside and for a moment, try to picture the big picture

Why do I claim Australia's system being rotten? The answer is so obvious and so right in front of your eyes, you should tell me, right here. Before I dive into it, however, again, it all could happen Only because of our trademark. Keep that in your mind and now let's lay it on the table.

  • Australia was one of the richest country on earth

Australia's past is Australia's downfall

Yep, that's it, that's all, just One Point. To add to this misery, realised thepast tense in it?

Australia has everything a country needs to be fully self sustainable and to sell this sustainability to raise revenue; grow its economy and become a leading nation.

What did our "Leaders" choose instead? The answer is also very clear at hand; Plunder "Our Country, Our Property, Our Livelihood" and sell it out to the highest bidders.

  • Australia's Resources
  • Australia's Steel Industry
  • Australia's Agriculture Industry
  • Australia's Energy Industry
  • Australia's Car Industry
  • Australia's Education Industry

Shall I go on? Get the points? Oh I'm sure some of you will argue with me on every point. if you are one of the few beneficiaries of this sell-out system, sure you will argue. Only, your argument have zero base.

Australia cold be a [1] leading world supplier of all of the above mentioned and even more. Plus, Australians could enjoy free education, starting from kindergarten to tertiary education, free energy, Cheap housing and food and a lot more

Australia's industries have been drowned to dead, Australians's have been robbed off their assets and sold out and Australians are now being milked to death, Australia's Only source of revenue making. (Have you ever noticed, even the huge fines you're bestowed with for minor mistakes are called "Revenue", hilarious, isn't it!

Cast your vote in 2019

And now, voting is on again. Right. I am not casting my vote for any one more crime on us. Australia's system is set out to protect the rulers and their industry magnate handlers, while we, the ordinary folk are being sold out, cheap. No, I won't agree to this sell-out any longer. My vote stands for a complete system overhaul, a completely new constitution which is for "Serving The People" and a governing the country without politics.

Join the ANA Reform Movement

Norbert Harms

Writer, EMILE, People4People Activist

Norbert is an advocate of social equality, fair justice for all, and governing without politics.